Meet the Team

AG Thrive is a growing team of professionals offering unique sets of skills. 


Dr. Andy

With a doctorate in clinical psychology and extensive studies in life coaching and consultancy, Dr. Andy Garrett is at the forefront of a revolutionary movement towards personal growth.

He earned his doctoral degree from the Graduate Psychology program at Azusa Pacific University. Their theoretical emphasis on Family Systems and unique holistic integration philosophy helped him to become very effective in conceptualizing and implementing treatment plans for individuals, families, couples, small companies, and corporations.

He uniquely emphasizes a positive psychology approach that utilizes established individual or relational strengths rather than underscoring what may be pathological or dysfunctional. In blending this approach with cognitive behavioral psychology, existential psychology, and solution-focused strategies, he's empowered to provide a transformative brand of therapy.  

Throughout his career, he’s contributed a significant and meaningful role as a consultant for multiple faith-based organizations that specialize in empowering his clients to become the authors of their ideal future. He’s made a considerable impact working as a performance coach for high performing organizations throughout Southern California.

Dr. Andy has developed a successful and growing private practice with offices located in the Newport Beach, Pasadena, and Claremont areas and is committed to offering a concierge style of premium clinical and coaching services.


Coach Paul

Empowering you to develop a bold and purpose-filled vision for your future, Coach Paul is dedicated to powerful and unique growth experiences that integrate the best qualities of concierge-level counseling, life coaching, and consulting - for you to Grow the Life You Want.

Paul A. Larez, M.A., M.A. is a Professional Growth Coach & Consultant, and Registered Psychological Assistant (CA PCB94023995) specializing in individual and family transformation. Raised in Irvine, he earned his B.A. from USC in 2009. He holds dual Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Psychology and Biola University’s Rosemead School of Psychology. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy at Biola University’s world-renowned Rosemead School of Psychology.

"I’m excited and grateful to work alongside Dr. Andy at AG Thrive. Not only do we share a similar passion for purposeful living and life transformation, but we desire to see our clients grow in the areas that are limiting them from the life they’ve always wanted. AG Thrive’s personal growth philosophy and 4-Phase Growth Process is uniquely effective for individuals and families that have a desire to truly transform their lives. My desire is to help you build your best life and coach you to begin living it out in radical new ways. Are you ready to start thriving? If your answer is yes, I can’t wait to hear from you."