Your Growth Resource for Families

Your Growth Resource for Families

There are many stages of a family experiencing being stuck.

I’ve helped families at every stage. Usually, they’ll come to me initially to help out with their marriage, but later when their kids have grown into teens experiencing significant anxiety, they’ll come back seeking help.

Then later down the line when their kids have grown into adults and need help launching out of the house and into a career, I’m right there ready to inspire growth.

And maintaining a thriving family doesn’t end when the children have left the home. Families might want to consult with me when they are dealing with their parents having health issues or a myriad of other struggles.


Because of my unique approach, I can come and meet families wherever their greatest need is at any stage in the family development.

For families experiencing disfunction, for teens grappling with with independence, for children who are underperforming academically or experiencing social issues, I facilitate a customizable growth pattern to help you identify where structure, consistency, and communication can be transformed, and where children can be shaped instead of responded to.

If it means just a few hours of consulting or problem solving, or perhaps a deeper combination of coaching and therapy that lasts a few months, I can be your trusted source for family growth.

Grow the family you want with AG Thrive.