What Are You Motivated By?

What Are You Motivated By?

Are you stuck in your business? Are you experiencing a pattern that’s keeping you from achieving true success?

One of the first steps to helping my clients grow their professional life, is to find out what they’re motivated by.

Are you more motivated by goals? By systems? Or by a hybrid method?  

When you work with me, we will discuss what this means. Once we establish what method works best for you, we can flesh out a comprehensive strategy to help you experience success.


Here is a quick snapshot of the work we’ll do together and the progress you’ll make to help you escape the comfort zone, to help you overcome fear, and to be empowered to take risks and achieve great things.

Session Outline Snapshot:

  • Creating a compelling purpose and mission statement

  • Identifying your core values and what you are motivated by

  • Building a blueprint

  • Identifying your limiting beliefs and shifting your mindset with powerful thought habits

  • Discussing the importance of sleep, meditation, and mindfulness

  • Discovering your unique abilities and committing your schedule to have 80-90% to work on this.

  • Learning about and executing time management and scheduling

  • Identifying your leadership style

  • Identifying strategic business structures

  • Staying out of your comfort zone and discussing Flow, the scientific term for being in the zone, what it is, and how to achieve it consistently.

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