'The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.'


For families, individuals, couples, and wealth builders, the AG Thrive processes create a system that is uniquely customizable for growth consultations and subsequent coaching and planning.


It begins with understanding that your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations create your reality and largely determine your quality of life. It continues with identifying and personalizing healthy self-awareness, including assessments of personal strengths, virtues, and intrinsic motivation.


Through a combination of scientific applications and proven coaching and consulting models, you’ll be provided with the tools, strategies, and actionable plans to live in line with your core values so that you can live your most authentic self… and thrive.


Be empowered to grow the life, family, love, and success you want.


Be empowered to grow the life, family, love, and success you want.


The Four A’s of Growth: The Process for Growing the Life You Want.


Through our work together, I’ll help you experience a powerful and transformational growth within your family and empower you to achieve the life, love, and success you’ve always desired.

Awakening Growth: The first step. You begin to identify the patterns, beliefs, relationships, feelings, behaviors, etc. that are keeping you stuck. We’ll also identify your strengths and begin to build a growth strategy that empowers you to experience breakthroughs and initial victories.  

Attitude Growth: In this phase, you’ll begin developing a new thought approach towards growth. We’ll establish attitudes and you’ll see that your psychology of belief is what really dictates your life experience.

Abundant Growth: Now we’re moving towards maintenance. The victories and successes will be exponential. Here we can develop a life plan based on your core values, priorities and principles that we’ve established in the first two phases. They’ll be used as a roadmap to live your life by design and strategically grow.

Authentic Growth: The final phase. Here, the process becomes internalized and the drive to perpetually grow is organic. It’s more about accountability and identifying habits, relationships, and routines that optimize your experience of thriving.