Escape the Comfort Zone


Being stuck can be different for everyone, but when you’re stuck in your business life, you start to feel helpless. Fear can dominate you instead of moving forward and taking risks. I can facilitate a process that helps you access courage and the ability to stretch yourself.


We’ll emphasize on identifying practical applications to develop a healthy mindset, tools, knowledge, structure and support to obtain mastery in growing the business you want with the highest impact and creating the largest possible ROI.



Business Growth Session Outline

  • Creating a compelling purpose and mission statement.

  • Identifying the core values, priorities, and principles that drive your personal and business growth.  It will be the focal point for all goal development.

  • Building a business and life blueprint beginning with the creation of a clear three year plan

  • Are you more motivated by goals? By systems? Or by a hybrid method?  We will discuss what this means. Once we establish what method works best for you, we will flesh out a comprehensive method.

  • Identifying what happens when you and/or your business gets stuck and stops growing, including anticipating and avoiding getting stuck in the future.

  • Create a life plan, which is much more comprehensive than the three year plan, and is the ultimate blueprint for life/business.  

  • Mindsets: what are they and why do they matter?  Why is my mindset the greatest factor impacting my quality of life and the probability of my life being extraordinary in the ways I want it to?  Can mindset be changed?  

  • Introducing how to create powerful habits, eliminate bad habits, and which have the greatest impact on enhancing your experience of life.

  • Building off the previous objective, we’ll discuss the psychology of sleep, how important meditation is to your brain health and efficacy. We’ll also discuss the power of mindfulness, visualization techniques, and effective physical exercise.

  • Discovering your Unique Ability and then committing your schedule to have 80-90% of your work time spent on this.

  • Time management/scheduling: I’ll help you identify how to schedule your priorities and delegate effectively.

  • Identify your leadership style and discuss what leadership styles work best to motivate, inspire, and increase productivity and loyalty.

  • Discuss how to increase your resourcefulness  and understand the power of grit, resilience, and willpower.

  • Staying out of your comfort zone and discussing Flow, the scientific term for being in the zone, what it is, and how to achieve it consistently

  • Creating a systems oriented business by identifying structures and responsibilities within your business.

  • The last objective is to primarily emphasize the overall success principles, tools, strategies, conflict/resolution models, and problem solving.