The beauty of growth is when you apply consistency.


I will give you the tools and information to create new mental models and strategies to operate at a higher level and anticipate future problems through the phases of your family’s growth.  And sometimes the biggest impact on the family is working with individuals.

For families experiencing disfunction, for teens grappling with with independence, for children who are underperforming academically or experiencing social issues, I facilitate a customizable growth pattern to help you identify where structure, consistency, and communication can be transformed, where children can be shaped instead of responded to.


Awakening Phase

  • Evaluate and identify signature strengths, dynamics, and obstacles of the family unit including individual and relational.

  • Focus on importance of creating effective goals and systems in each area of your child/teen’s life (social, academic, physical, emotional/psychological, spiritual, etc.) to help provide a clear path of the program.


Second Session

  • Understanding executive functioning skills and how to enhance them while simultaneously providing a healthy structure for these skills to develop.

  • Defining healthy stress vs unhealthy stress and identifying coping skills that empower and enable teenagers to effectively manage their stress in a way that allows them to function, perform, and live in an optimal condition.

  • Create a moral/values based vocabulary that informs and guides the many challenging choices that teenagers will ineluctably face throughout their adolescence

Third Session

  • Identifying the significant support systems, structure, and resources that can be utilized and collaborated with to create, develop, implement, optimize, and sustain the custom blue print that each teenager has designed for their future goals, hopes, and wishes.

  • Discussing components of a thriving social dynamic and enhancing social skills and IQ.

  • Establish assertive communication skills, which leads to greater confidence, feelings of increased self-efficacy, better relational experiences and outcomes, and better job performance.

  • Learning how to effectively cope with and manage anger  and how to let go of and deal with toxic resentments.

  • Defining emotional and physical boundaries in relationship and identifying and practicing how to establish healthy and empowering relational boundaries.


Parent Coaching Session

  • Educating families about how family systems work including factors that contribute to their current composition and functionality.

  • Equipping parents to learn how to communicate more effectively with their adolescent children.

  • Guiding parents and families to learn how to effectively navigate the developmental phase/life transition that is unique to adolescence.

  • Empowering parents to be aware of how their anxiety can impact their kids and how important it is that they model good self-care habits, etc..

  • Creating powerful family narratives that allow each family member to participate in the family unit in a way that is significant, meaningful, respectful, affirming, and contributory.

  • Identify family strengths.

  • Identify love languages of parents and children and the practical implications of potential language differences.


Final Session

  • Summarizing the significant findings that each teenager discovered in creating their customized blueprint for success.

  • Painting a picture of each client's ideal self and assessing how the gap between their choices and their ideal self may have narrowed in the process of completing their program, which empowers teenagers to live with great authenticity and self-actualization.