Discovering, Understanding, and Rebuilding Relationships


You may experience being stuck in your marriage due to resentment, infidelity, lack of fulfilment, communication, or intimacy. If you seek to enhance the quality of your marriage, to have a deeper connection and rebuild trust, I will help you rediscover your ideal version of yourself so that you can experience the ideal version of your relationships.



Awakening Phase

  • This phase begins with understanding what is inhibiting your relationship from being connected, intimate, and fulfilling. I will provide communication tools that will empower each partner to clearly state what they need, want, and expect of each other.
  • Discovery of the the initial love narrative that brought you together while simultaneously attempting to build additional strengths and add to the relational narrative in a way that is exciting and satisfying.

Attitude Phase

  • Identifying couple’s strengths, mission statement, core values, type of relationship and family they want to create; creating a clear idea of love they want to have.

  • Identifying healthy boundaries, practicing assertive communication, experimentation.

  • Create relational dynamics where you accept responsibility for your emotional well being while understanding that your actions may impact someone else.

  • Eliminating overly aggressive communication as well as covert passive-aggressive interactions.

Abundant Phase

  • Reinforcing, internalizing, and mastering the tools that work best for you.

  • Continuing experimentation and exploration of different resources and tools —  applying them with greater consistency.

  • Practicing forgiveness.

  • Couples will go through self/partner awareness exercises to learn about their preferred love language, ideal positive/negative interaction ratio, and how the parental dynamics they grew up with may be influencing present-day connection style.

Authentic Phase

  • In this phase, you have a clear internal road map based on your values. You will focus on using this road map to consistently course correct guide you — it’s authentic motivation for growth.

  • Practicing and mastering the wonderful gift of curiosity and asking powerful positive questions that elicit powerful responses.

  • Reducing miscommunication and practicing clarifying questions.