Designing Your Extraordinary Family Summer

Designing Your Extraordinary Family Summer


Whether it’s taking a road trip that allows for deeper conversations, trying a new activity together, or planning fun memories that build strong relationships, summer is the perfect time to grow closer while enjoying fun and purposeful activities. You can get everyone in your family to participate in designing their best summer ever by following these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: List Your Core Values

What is a core value? Anything that is important to you and essential to your family’s happiness and well-being can be a core value. One family decided their most important values were “Family, Faith, and Character.” Decide what core values are essential to your family, write them down, and commit to pursuing them together this summer.

Step 2: Collaborate Together

Collaboration means parents and children together decide on what activities will make their summer both meaningful and fun. Brainstorm some ideas that will include your core values from Step 1. For families with young children, this step is especially important to do together as you want everyone to feel invested in this process.

Step 3: Make Memories!

You know your values and have concrete ideas to enjoy your summer with purpose and intention- now all you have to do is get out there and make memories! Maybe you decided that your outings and activities are going to be tech-free at least once a week, or you all want to read a book together and discuss it. The most important thing is that you’ve created a clear vision of your best summer...Now choose to live it out!


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Welcome Coach Paul!


In order to empower our clients to consistently and sustainably grow and thrive - I am constantly pursuing new resources, tools, information, and support that will enable our clients to Grow the Life, Love, Family, and Success they Want and Deserve!

Well, I am happy to introduce Coach Paul Larez - who is an extraordinary asset and addition to the AG Thrive team. Coach Paul brings incredible knowledge, energy, counsel, perspective, and coaching skills to our community - and I am confident that he is going to have a massively positive and powerful impact in his role working with clients and providing amazing content and resources through our online channels/platforms.

Please read more about Coach Paul (and his incredible credentials) here.
And watch his introductory video on the AG Thrive YouTube channel here